Influencer Marketing Strategies Suitable for Startup Businesses

Influencer Marketing Strategies Suitable for Startup Businesses

With the emergence of new startup businesses every day, the main challenge that startups face is a competition between businesses. It is increasingly difficult for startup entrepreneurs to “stand out” from other competitors. Most startup businesses fail in their early years due to limited budget, lack of competence, and resources. To avoid these things, you as a startup business must focus on how your business works “smartly”. One of them, you can take advantage of the Influencer Marketing strategy.

To make a startup business thrive, you need to attract, engage, and convert customers into loyal customers. And one of the best ways to acquire new customers is to take advantage of influencer marketing. Influencers have a large market or audience that trusts them. And hence, they can potentially make the public or consumers trust your startup business. The so-called influencers are, for example, artists, celebrities, YouTubers, bloggers, and so on, who are chosen based on their popularity, expertise, or reputation.

Working with them will drive the best results through a cost-effective marketing campaign. You can also increase your ad conversion rate by using content provided by Influencers. Armed with all current social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, your business can be easily marketed by the influencer. In the past, manufacturers or companies promoted their products or services in conventional ways. Meanwhile, now many companies are using social media in their marketing activities.

This type of marketing has helped many startup businesses to reach and engage their target consumers or market effectively. That’s why startup businesses are increasingly focusing on collaborating with them.

Influencer Marketing

What does influencer marketing mean? This marketing is a method of promoting and selling your business products or services through people who have a high level of influence in a particular group or market.

Through posts on blogs, social media, YouTube videos, and other means of social communication, they can market content about your business products and services for your potential customers to see and accept. The form of content provided by them is often perceived as more credible, likable, and authentic than other forms of media.

Two Types of Influencers

There are two types of influencers themselves, namely Micro and Macro Influencers. It is important to understand the difference between a micro-influencer and a macro influencer. As well as how each of them will benefit your startup business through a business marketing campaign.

The significant difference between the two types of influencers lies in the number of their respective followers (followers). A person can be categorized as a Micro-Influencer if they have 1,000 to 100,000 followers. Meanwhile, Macro Influencer has a following of more than 100,000. So, what does this mean for your business marketing strategy?

Macro or Micro-Influencer?

In terms of the number of likes and comments, especially on social media, accounts from Macro Influencers will have more influence than Micro-Influencers. By leveraging accounts that have high influence and followers, your business can reach a wider audience. However, Macro Influencer often charges a hefty fee for a marketing campaign. For startup businesses, working with Macro Influencers is less than ideal.

According to the research results, due to the smaller follower base and their closeness to consumers, the average engagement rate of Micro-Influencers is slightly higher (2.75{c4761ebdcf7cfa268de2380cf8df98c252be25a14f77c7d91d8fd650f04180fb}) than the average engagement rate of Macro Influencers (2.65{c4761ebdcf7cfa268de2380cf8df98c252be25a14f77c7d91d8fd650f04180fb}). Not only that, but Micro-Influencers can also reach consumers more effectively. This means that you can also target influencer marketing campaigns by age group, interests, and even location.

Research results also show that Micro-Influencers can participate in conversations about what to buy recommendations to the average customer 22.2 times as much per week. In more detail, the research results also show that 82{c4761ebdcf7cfa268de2380cf8df98c252be25a14f77c7d91d8fd650f04180fb} of consumers surveyed agree that they are very likely to follow the recommendations given by Micro-Influencers. Many of them built personal connections with their followers and were considered more relatable than what Macro Influencers did.

Even though the reach is smaller, working with Micro-Influencers or using Lead Conversion Squared software can also increase the ROI of your startup business. With this software, you can optimize your landing page even better. To better understand how this software works, you can run 3 day master class to find out the usefulness and greatness of this software.