What is the difference between a mass gainer and a weight gainer?

It is really important to understand what your ultimate fitness goals are so that you can take supplements accordingly. A lot of people are often confused between mass gainer and weight gainer and end up taking the wrong supplements. 

There are different kinds of body types – endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. People falling in the endomorph category tend to gain fat easily, people in the mesomorph category do not face difficulty in gaining an athletic body, and ectomorph people have a lean body with a high metabolic rate. People falling in the ectomorph category are always struggling to gain weight and for them choosing a premium quality mass gainer is a good option. 

If you want to gain weight you need to increase your calorie intake. It isn’t possible to get extra calories just through your daily diet. That’s why it is recommended to get in touch with your trainer …